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April 2014 Archives

Where to look for potential hidden assets in divorce

Many Connecticut readers contemplating divorce may have concerns about their spouse potentially attempting to hide assets. If assets are hidden or otherwise unknown during a divorce, it can be difficult for one party to secure an equitable divorce settlement. However, it may be possible to determine if these assets exist by using information from a number of different sources.

How to handle pet custdy during a divorce

Roughly 50 percent of American marriages, including those in Connecticut, end in divorce, and about 62 percent of American households include pets. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, many recent pet custody disputes reach courtrooms. Dogs are the most frequently disputed animal, but other types of pets are the subjects of disputes as well. Sometimes, they are used as bargaining chips in divorce.

Lobbyist Tony Podesta files for divorce from wife

Connecticut residents who follow the lives of some of the major players in Washington, D.C., might be interested in the recent Podesta divorce proceedings. Tony and Heather Podesta were once one of the most intriguing and formidable married couples inside the Beltway. As super-lobbyists, he was a Democratic operative at one time and she was a Democratic Hill staffer. His brother was the White House Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton's presidency and is currently President Obama's counselor. They lived in Kalorama, had quite an art collection and hosted ostentatious parties.

Divorcing couples may need help with property division

When a Connecticut marriage dissolves, the division of property can be difficult. The couple and their representatives will look at everything from prenuptial agreements to property obtained during the marriage. While most items can be valuated for a final determination, this is difficult when working with investments and business interests that may have minimal value today but excellent potential for the future. These assets require special care and treatment.

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