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January 2014 Archives

Connecticut might consider shared child custody

Changing the way in which judges resolve disputes over the custody of children has been the focus of a legislative task force in Connecticut. One of the questions legislatures are hoping the task force will resolve is whether the state should abandon the traditional policy of allowing judges to award child custody to just one parent. Proponents of shared custody argue that the best interests of the child favor a system under which both parents share equally in raising a child.

Father jailed after child support misunderstanding

Divorced parents in Connecticut may be interested in the case of a Texas father who began a six-month jail sentence due to a reported clerical error. This strange child support issues began when the father realized that his automatic withdrawal payments for child support had been interrupted. He quickly paid off the balance and included an additional $1,000.

Property liens and communal assets in Connecticut

The division of marital property can be complicated when there are liens involved. Liens can be placed when a spouse owes an unpaid debt such as taxes, child support or alimony that is not a part of the current marriage. In order for communal property to be sold, it is necessary that a lien be lifted or satisfied.

Financial battles and deception in divorce

Connecticut couples facing divorce proceedings may be aware of the difficulties of arranging appropriate spousal and child support. Some think that having a prenuptial agreement absolves them of the need to negotiate in the future, but a recent divorce case suggests otherwise. In this particular case, a married couple made a prenuptial agreement that stated, in the event of a divorce, gifts and inheritances received individually would not be subjected to division. Similarly, growth and appreciation from individual business efforts would also not be divided.

Hospital gets custody in medical child abuse case

Connecticut families that have children with medical issues may be interested in an unusual case involving an instance of suspected "medical child abuse." A Connecticut family brought their 15-year-old daughter to Boston Children's Hospital in order to manage a previously diagnosed mitochondrial disease. The child could barely walk or eat. The specialist who diagnosed her, the chief of metabolism at Tufts Medical Center, recommended that she be seen at the Children's Hospital because the gastroenterologist in charge of her care had recently started working there.

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