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September 2013 Archives

Joint accounts and divorce proceedings

A recent assessment of divorce laws and proceedings in Connecticut and other states revealed that women whose divorces will leave them without a reliable source of income may need to take precautions in advance. Many women who plan on filing for divorce find that their lack of knowledge about their own finances leaves them highly susceptible to financial misdoings committed by their spouses. As such, more and more women are taking the additional step of setting money aside for themselves before they split.

Best Buy CEO sells company stock due to divorce

The CEO of electronics giant Best Buy has sold over $10 million worth of the company's stock, according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A spokesperson for the company stated that the executive sold the stock because of his divorce, receiving about $37 per share on the sale of slightly more than 350,000 shares. The company stressed that the CEO did not sell the stock because he was worried about the prospects of the company. Best Buy operates stores in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Former CEO of Dodgers loses motion to overturn divorce deal

Dodgers fans in Connecticut might be interested to hear that the former CEO of the baseball team filed a motion to have the divorce deal that she made with her ex-husband, the former owner of the team, overturned. The motion was reportedly an attempt for her to make her ex-husband share some of the profit that he received from selling the team without her. The team sold for about $2 billion, which is more than any other baseball team has ever sold for.

Charges of kidnapping arise in worldwide child custody battle

Connecticut is the latest stop in a child custody battle that began overseas in Singapore this May. A warrant has been issued in Greenwich stemming from allegations that the husband has abducted the couple's youngest child.

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